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The Matter of Britain : Assembled in Date Order from all the Original Ancient Sources.: Assembled in Date Order from all the Original Ancient Sources.

By Hopper, Edwin, Colwell

For the first time all the original sources for early British History have been collected together in one document. King Arthur, Julius Caesar, Saint Patrick, Battles, Invasions, Romance and magic. For the first time the original words of Welsh Bards and Roman Soldiers are combined to give one story. Irish myths, Greek histories, Saxon Chronicles. Read the original stories behind Tristram and Isolda, Maximus, Constantine. The first Christians, the last pagans. It's all here in one book.

All the original source documents of ancient British, English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish History collected together in date order in one document.

Table of Contents
Introduction. Bibliography and Links. The First Age, From Adam to The Flood. The Second Age, After The Flood. 2664 BCE. The Thrird Age. The Battle of Moytura. The Wooing of Etain. The Battle of Cnucha. Fin mac Cumhail.l The Ynglinga Saga. Vikings? On the Volga. The Destruction of Dind Rig. 594 BCE. The Fifth Age. Herodutus. Celts Invade Italy. 106 – 43 BCE. Cicero. The Era of Caesar. The Writings of Julius Caesar. 55 BCE – 40 AD. Tacitus. Romans in Germany. Christians in Britain. Strabo. 41 – 99 Rome invades Britain. Caractacus. Boedicea. The Battle of Airtach. Tain Bo Cuailnge. Tain from The Book of Leinster. Pliny on Britain. Pliny on Mining, Metals and Magnets. Pliny on Pottery, Buildings and Amber. Tacitus, Agricola. Tacitus, Britain. Tacitus, Germany. 101 – 199 Hadrian, Lucius, Severus, Ptolomy Geography. 200 – 299 Severus. Saint Alban. 300 – 349 Constantine. 350 – 399 St Patrick. Nial. Maximus. Macsen Wledig. Saint Declan. Notitia Dignitatum. 400 – 410 Stilich., Germanus. Niall. Honorius. Pelagius. Letter to Demetrias. 411 – 429 Vortigern. Saint Patrick. 430 – 450 Hengist, Horsa. 451 – 476 Ambrosius, Uther. 477 – 500 Ella. Cerdic. Poems Referring to Arthur. VII. Black Book of Caermarthen XXXI. VIII. Book of Taliessin XXX. Trystan and Esyllt. Voyages to Thule. 500 – 524 Saint David. Arthur. The Battle of Longborth. Saint Bridget. 525 – 549 Saint David. Arthur. Battle of Camlan Poems Referring to Urien of Reged. 550 – 559 Gildas. 560 – 579 Ceawlin. Columba. 580 – 599 Saint Augustine. 603 - The Gododin. 600 – 619 Ethelbert, Redwald. 620 – 629 Edwin. 630 – 650 Columba, Aiden.


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